China's Xi visits Philippines to deepen ties with US ally

Created by Associated Press at 20-11-2018 06:07:32 +0000

MANILA, Philippines (AP) — Chinese President Xi Jinping received a red-carpet welcome in the Philippines on Tuesday, as he paid his first visit to the U.S. treaty ally with offers of infrastructure loans and new accords to prevent clashes and possibly explore…

China's Xi visits Philippines as Duterte pressed to take tougher line

Created by Reuters at 20-11-2018 04:19:23 +0000

Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived in the Philippines for a state visit on Tuesday, aiming to advance strategic gains made under a Manila leadership that has favored Beijing in the hope of receiving billions of dollars of loans and investment.

A deal between Donald Trump and Xi Jinping will not last

Created by Australian Financial Review at 19-11-2018 23:36:33 +0000

Even if the G20 summit sees Mr Trump agreeing to defer his plans to increase tariffs on China, a trade truce may not last for long given the backdrop of growing superpower rivalry.

A deal between Donald Trump and Xi Jinping will not last

Created by Financial Times at 19-11-2018 17:08:27 +0000

Growing military tensions make the US-China trade dispute harder to settle

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U.S. and China Square Off on Trade, and APEC Nations Duck for Cover

Created by The New York Times at 19-11-2018 11:14:58 +0000

The clash between President Xi Jinping and Vice President Pence left the gathering of 21 nations in Papua New Guinea in disarray, and worried.

Trade war fears grow as US and China clash – business live

Created by The Guardian (AU) at 19-11-2018 08:12:10 +0000

Rolling coverage of the latest economic and financial news, as Mike Pence and Xi Jinping spar over trade policy again

After US-China clash at APEC, all eyes shift to the Trump-Xi meeting in Argentina

Created by CNBC at 19-11-2018 05:09:21 +0000

Investors and world leaders alike will be glued to the upcoming meeting between U.S. President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping in Argentina, hoping for clues to what's next.

India, China to sign internal security cooperation agreement on Oct 22

Created by The Hindu at 16-10-2018 12:25:18 +0000

This will be the first such agreement between the authorities that look after internal security of the two countries

England's Expected XI To Play Spain In Seville Revealed

Created by The Sport Bible at 15-10-2018 09:37:20 +0000

A couple of changes for the UEFA Nations League clash...

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Virat Kohli indicates Umesh Yadav will be in mix in Australia after 'standout performance' - Times of India

Created by The Times of India at 14-10-2018 09:45:41 +0000

Cricket News: Virat Kohli says Umesh Yadav's "standout performance" has made the fast bowler a strong candidate for selection in the starting XI when the side trave

The Leaders Who Unleashed China’s Mass Detention of Muslims

Created by The New York Times at 14-10-2018 01:34:27 +0000

A trail of online evidence establishes how President Xi Jinping and other senior officials adopted a tough new policy to assimilate ethnic minorities.

The Statistical Premier League XI Of The Season So Far

Created by The Sport Bible at 13-10-2018 19:03:31 +0000

It's just eight games into the Premier League season and already some players are showing they're better than the rest.

A Trump-Xi Summit Won't Defrost the US-China Cold War

Created by Fortune at 13-10-2018 11:19:41 +0000

The special Sino Saturday edition of our popular newsletter for leaders, by Time Inc. international editor Clay Chandler.

Why Did China’s Biggest Movie Star and the Interpol Chief Vanish?

Created by Hacker News at 13-10-2018 07:52:50 +0000

Taken together, the abrupt, spectacular falls of both Fan Bingbing and Meng Hongwei suggest a drastic widening of a dragnet that is primarily about President Xi Jinping’s consolidation of authority.

Prospect of Trump-Xi talks raises hope for thaw in trade war

Created by Associated Press at 13-10-2018 03:52:21 +0000

BEIJING (AP) — With China and the United States opening the door to a meeting next month between Presidents Xi Jinping and Donald Trump, hopes are rising for a potential easing of tensions in the trade war between the world's two largest economies. Worries ab…

Italy largely unchanged in Poland

Created by Football Italia at 12-10-2018 21:58:06 +0000

Italy are expected to make at most two changes to the XI that drew with Ukraine as they go into the Nations League clash in Poland.

Donald Trump and Xi Jinping May Hold Face-to-Face Trade War Negotiations Next Month

Created by Fortune at 12-10-2018 19:48:29 +0000

Preparations are being made for a meeting at the G-20 summit between Trump and Xi next month, creating hope for a lull in the trade war.

Trump and Xi Plan to Meet Amid Trade Tension

Created by The Wall Street Journal at 11-10-2018 14:05:00 +0000

The White House is moving ahead with plans for President Trump to meet with Chinese leader Xi Jinping at a multilateral summit in late November, according to officials in both nations, to try to devise a way out of the trade battle shaking markets and poisoni…

Australia's trade minister, senior politicians to attend China import expo

Created by Australian Financial Review at 11-10-2018 12:00:00 +0000

New Trade Minister Simon Birmingham, senior state politicians and major exporters are scheduled to be in Shanghai next month for Chinese President Xi Jinping's signature import expo.

Ex-Interpol chief Meng Hongwei may have vanished in China forever

Created by CBS News at 09-10-2018 12:14:08 +0000

Questions mount over whether Chinese officials should be tapped to lead international organizations if Bejing can simply make them vanish

Google’s Pixel 3 won’t surprise you, but it might delight you

Created by The Verge at 09-10-2018 11:30:01 +0000

In the buildup to Google’s Pixel 3 launch event, Vlad Savov considers the parallels to the original announcement of the Google Pixel back in 2016. In both cases, the new phone has leaked and being prejudged long ahead of its unveiling, but the appeal of a Pix…

Vidal not happy but no problem with Barca boss Valverde

Created by FourFourTwo at 09-10-2018 00:31:01 +0000

While frustrated with his absence from Barcelona's starting XI, Arturo Vidal has not used social media to hit out at Ernesto Valverde.

North Korea leader Kim Jong Un expected to visit Russia soon: South Korea's Moon

Created by Reuters at 08-10-2018 02:06:43 +0000

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is expected to visit Russia soon, South Korean President Moon Jae-in said on Monday, and Chinese leader Xi Jinping is also expected to travel to North Korea.

'Rotation is letting Napoli flourish'

Created by Football Italia at 08-10-2018 01:00:00 +0000

Adam Ounas believes Carlo Ancelotti’s rotation policy is letting Napoli flourish as Maurizio Sarri ‘always played with the same XI’.

Made in China 2025: Forget cheap goods, think world's best artificial intelligence

Created by ABC News (AU) at 05-10-2018 20:05:00 +0000

Xi Jinping plans to make China the world's unrivalled artificial superpower by 2030, and some observers think he just might be able to.

Tour Match, England tour of Sri Lanka at Colombo, Oct 5 2018 | Match Report | ESPNCricinfo

Created by ESPN Cric Info at 05-10-2018 13:08:12 +0000

Get a report of the Sri Lanka Board XI vs England 2018 cricket match.

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Shadab injury rules out twin legspinners attack for Pakistan

Created by ESPN Cric Info at 05-10-2018 10:18:07 +0000

Bilal Asif set for debut, while Mohammad Hafeez is expected to be part of the XI for the first Test against Australia

U.S. and China drop the pretense: It's us vs. them

Created by Axios at 04-10-2018 23:45:22 +0000

"The gloves are not yet off, but we should prepare for them to come off"

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Dropped M Vijay adds voice to communication issue with India selectors

Created by ESPN Cric Info at 04-10-2018 07:18:30 +0000

The axed India opener said the selectors had not spoken to him after he was left out of the XI during the tour of England and dropped from the Test squad thereafter

Australia turn focus on playing the long innings

Created by ESPN Cric Info at 04-10-2018 06:01:08 +0000

Coach Langer wants his team to "be prepared to bat for a long, long time". That goal was on show in the tour game, which could define the Test XI