The country's genius hubs are vacuuming up tech talent

Created by Axios at 20-04-2019 09:00:16 +0000

Second-tier cities continue to struggle.

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Erica Pandey

Cloudcontainers, your way to beat the competition!

Created by Martijn Hengelmolen at 18-01-2018 15:44:45 +0000

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Make Physics Real Again

Created by Hacker News at 20-04-2019 09:07:53 +0000

Why have so many physicists shrugged off the paradoxes of quantum mechanics?

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How French's ketchup took a bite out of Heinz | CBC News

Created by CBC News at 20-04-2019 08:08:16 +0000

French's sustained success in Canada is likely due to a combination of ingredients, including continuous free publicity and a Canadian-made ketchup that also offers a taste and price consumers find palatable.

Pop's global groove: the borders of mainstream music are blurring like never before | CBC News

Created by CBC News at 20-04-2019 08:08:13 +0000

From learning new languages to performing on Saturday Night Live, big name artists from the West and East are breaking the pop music mould in global collaborations.

Man charged with stabbing police officer in the back at Sydney train station

Created by ABC News (AU) at 20-04-2019 08:43:37 +0000

A 53-year-old man is charged with stabbing a police officer in the back with a large hunting knife at Sydney's central station.

Two teenagers arrested in connection with murder of Lyra McKee

Created by CNN at 20-04-2019 08:37:08 +0000

Northern Ireland police have arrested two teenagers in the killing of 29-year-old investigative journalist Lyra McKee, authorities said Saturday.

From Port Elizabeth to Canada: Davy Jacobs' tryst with WCL via IPL

Created by ESPN Cric Info at 20-04-2019 08:06:00 +0000

The former opening partner to Tendulkar at the IPL hopes he can bring cricketing glory to Canada, a country that has given him a renewed sense of freedom in somewhat serendipitous fashion |

Call it weed, marijuana or cannabis: 420 is a time to celebrate the growing acceptance of its healing pleasures

Created by NBC News at 20-04-2019 08:20:00 +0000

More and more states are legalizing, and the moralizers are mad. Oh, well.

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She had to start fighting in a ring to get past her anger - CNN Video

Created by CNN at 20-04-2019 08:08:23 +0000

Parkland survivor Brandon Abzug asks Columbine survivor Amy Over how she deals with the mental health issues that come with trauma.

This is what happens to the e-waste you drop off for recycling | CBC News

Created by CBC News at 20-04-2019 08:08:11 +0000

Here's what happens to the electronic items you bring to recycle, and why you can't just throw them in the garbage.

SA's Mthembu, Steyn win Two Oceans Marathon

Created by News24 at 20-04-2019 08:17:40 +0000

South Africa's Bongmusa Mthembu has won the 2019 Two Oceans Marathon in what was a thrilling finish to the 50th edition of the world-famous race.

How accidental erections became a medical breakthrough

Created by at 20-04-2019 08:20:53 +0000

In the almighty search for a cure for impotence, it seemed like everything had been tried, from tiger penis soup to monkey testicle implants to making a meal out of a goat’s testes.

Egyptians vote on changes that may see Sisi in power to 2030

Created by Reuters at 20-04-2019 08:05:03 +0000

Egyptians began voting on Saturday on constitutional changes that will potentially allow President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to stay in office until 2030 and bolster the role of Egypt's powerful military.

Strong Women: 'My life expectancy is tragically short, but I'm not bound by it'

Created by Metro at 20-04-2019 08:16:56 +0000

When Rebecca's cancer returned, she was told it was terminal. Yoga has been a lifeline.

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Northern Irish police arrest 2 over killing of journalist

Created by Associated Press at 20-04-2019 08:03:41 +0000

LONDON (AP) — Police in Northern Ireland on Saturday arrested two teenagers in connection with the fatal shooting of a journalist during rioting in the city of Londonderry.The men, aged 18...

Heroic Barty snaps massive Fed Cup streak

Created by at 20-04-2019 08:42:53 +0000

Ash Barty has levelled Australia’s Fed Cup semi-final against Belarus with a 7-6 (7-2) 6-3 win over Fed Cup superstar and former World No.1 Victoria Azarenka.

Win by Ukrainian comic Zelensky could pose challenge for West, Canada | CBC News

Created by CBC News at 20-04-2019 08:08:01 +0000

Volodymyr Zelensky has run a substance-free campaign, using the internet and comedy to win over disaffected Ukrainians in his bid for the presidency. But with victory in Sunday's run-off election appearing imminent, many worry about the implications for Ukrai…

Egyptians voting on constitutional changes

Created by RTE at 20-04-2019 08:14:57 +0000

Egyptians have begun voting on constitutional changes that will potentially allow President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to stay in office until 2030 and bolster the role of Egypt's powerful military.

Egypt votes on referendum extending el-Sissi's rule to 2030

Created by Associated Press at 20-04-2019 08:20:39 +0000

CAIRO (AP) — Egyptians voted Saturday on constitutional amendments that would allow President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi to stay in power until 2030 and broaden the military's role — changes blasted by...

​Gorillas Pose For Selfie With Anti Poaching Rangers

Created by The Lad Bible at 20-04-2019 08:24:02 +0000

The handsome gorillas live at the Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo

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Conor McGregor Returns To Boxing Ring In Bout Against Amateur Fighter

Created by The Sport Bible at 20-04-2019 08:30:33 +0000

He appeared at the famous Crumlin Boxing Club and footage soon emerged online.

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Murdered Lyra McKee's girlfriend pays tribute to her

Created by Daily Mail at 20-04-2019 08:55:59 +0000

Tributes have been flooding in for journalist Lyra McKee who was killed last night after watching unrest unfold in Londonderry.

Ministry building under attack in Kabul

Created by BBC News at 20-04-2019 08:06:40 +0000

Explosion and gunfire heard in Afghan capital Kabul as ministry of information HQ comes under attack

Loud explosion, gunfire rock downtown Kabul: officials

Created by Al Jazeera English at 20-04-2019 08:11:00 +0000

The blast followed by gunfire took place near the communications ministry building in one of the city's busiest areas.

Egypt votes in referendum aimed at extending Sisi's rule to 2030

Created by Al Jazeera English at 20-04-2019 08:05:00 +0000

Egyptians vote in referendum on constitutional amendments that could extend President Sisi's rule until 2030.

Picking Apart Stack Overflow; What Bugs Developers The Most?

Created by Hacker News at 20-04-2019 08:52:58 +0000

What did we discover when we picked apart StackOverflow to find out what bugged developers most? We picked 11 of the most popular programming languages (measured by frequency of StackOverflow tags) and ran a study looking to uncover some of the commonalities …

Former Chelsea striker in hot water after refusing to train

Created by FourFourTwo at 20-04-2019 08:48:43 +0000

In a move that has shocked exactly no one, the cantankerous forward isn't training as internal disciplinary proceedings open&nbsp...

Universal Credit left me so poor I had sex with married man on Xmas Day for £20

Created by Mirror at 20-04-2019 08:46:05 +0000

Charlotte, 27, says she now sleeps with 15 men a week for £150 a week because Universal Credit means she and her son would have just £1.64 a day to live on

Fire watch: Officials have plans to prevent a Notre Dame blaze on Parliament Hill | CBC News

Created by CBC News at 20-04-2019 08:07:56 +0000

With images of Notre Dame Cathedral engulfed in flames still fresh in people’s minds, officials in Ottawa are assuring Canadians a plan is in place to protect one of this country’s most famous landmarks from a similar tragedy.

Newt Gingrich: Caught up in the Mueller media madness

Created by Fox News at 20-04-2019 08:22:52 +0000

Watching the first wave of reaction to Attorney General Barr’s Press Conference and the release of the Mueller Report led me to conclude America is trapped in a cycle of media madness.

2 Men Arrested In Connection With Murder Of Journalist In Northern Ireland

Created by The Huffington Post at 20-04-2019 08:05:10 +0000

Lyra McKee, 29, was shot and killed during rioting in Londonderry on Thursday night.

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Journalist shot dead in Northern Ireland violence - CNN Video

Created by CNN at 20-04-2019 08:53:30 +0000

Lyra McKee, 29, was killed during a night of rioting in Londonderry, in what police in Northern Ireland have described as a "terrorist incident."

Fielding Pragya a reply to those who called Hindu civilisation 'terrorist': PM Modi

Created by The Hindu at 20-04-2019 08:12:15 +0000

PM Narendra Modi defends the fielding of Pragya Singh Thakur, who is out on bail in the 2008 Malegaon blast case. She is set to contest the Bhopal seat in the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections against Congress candidate Digvijaya Singh.

AP PHOTOS: A selection of pictures from the past week

Created by Associated Press at 20-04-2019 08:44:46 +0000

Here's your look at highlights from the weekly AP photo report, a gallery featuring a mix of front-page photography, the odd image you might have missed and lasting moments our editors think you...